Valerio Rivellini founded his studio with his own name in Naples in 2009, specializing in yacht design, engineering, refitting and composite materials.

His life is linked to the sea from a very young age, when he started to compete in regattas in the Optimist class and then in the Laser class, achieving great success. He became instructor and, at the age of 19, he became a skipper. In the meantime, he attended his naval engineering studies and, immediately after graduation, he started working for big shipyards.

A natural path that has commuted his knowledge and his passion for the sea into professionalism and technique.The attention for the details and the technological innovation along with his strong will to make the impossible possible, are the driving force behind every project by Rivellini.
«Being aware since the beginning of the impact that specific aesthetic choices are going to have, enables you to design things in a completely different way. Being an engineer makes it much quicker to find a better technical solution in order to achieve the actualization of your idea in the best possible way». This is the secret behind the production of almost perfect boats.

With a perfect combination of classic and modern, of functionality and tradition, Valerio Rivellini's professional experience finds a way in other areas of expertise too, widening the range of possibilities and experimentations, making it almost unlimited.
In effect, Rivellini also works with industrial and car design, ranging from the design of work machines to, for example, a bicycle in laminate wood and carbon.
From designing recreational crafts to legal and technical surveys, Valerio Rivellini’s Studio covers whatever is nautical related at 360°. The careful knowledge of materials means that an aesthetic solution is also a technical and functional solution, making each project a new challenge.