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Yatching / USA 2016

The article in this important overseas magazine focuses on the ability of EVO 43 to change shape on its own – with a simple command given by an app that runs on smartphones and tablets – for example by increasing the surface of the cockpit party beautiful. But the best feature of the journalist is the platform, able to become a hydraulic gangway or a platform on the water for easy ascent from the water.


With a touch of the captain’s smartphone, the Evo 43 morphed into a shape-shift-ing cruiser. In 30 seconds, the aft gunwales folded outward, creating 10 feet of extra deck space. Another touch and the aft deck’s center section lifted up and backward to became a platform that carried a guest from a higher dock into the cockpit. I thought, What is the craft?               
The Evo 43 is a sleek cruiser with a black exterior, long paneled windshield and all-teak cockpit and foredeck. Her exterior is simultaneously retro- and futuristic-looking. Naval architect Valerio Rivellini says that this vessel was not designed to be a one-trick pony.

“The big focus, of course, is the opening cockpit, which creates a new social dimension for a boat size”, he says. “But we also deisgned the hull to run well in big seas.”

I ran the Evo 43 in a 2-footchop, and the cruise hit a top end of 38 knots. Powered by twin 435 hp Volvo Penta IPS 600s with pod drives, the boat manueuvered nicely with joystick control too.

The boat i salso a party platform. Its cockpit expands by 40 percent to 270 square feet when the side wings are out, widening the beam to an impressive 21 feet. But my favourite moving part was the transom platform operating like a crane.

It can scoop up guestes onto the dock or lower into the water as a swim platform.