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BARCHE: The factory of ideas. / Italy 2017

Interview with Valerio Rivellini for the section The factory of ideas. BARCHE FEBBRAIO 2017


How would you describe your work?

A natural process. I have been fond of the sea since I was a child, so I decided to turn my passion into a job and everything has happened easily without being forced. At the same time, indeed, I love challenge, so I always have new and different aims. That is the power of my creativity.

What inspires you?

When I imagine a boat, first of all I think of the way I live the sea. Both alone or with friends. In my projects, I always try to draw out practical solutions able to fully enjoy the pleasure aboard.

Is your work influenced by any particular movement or person?

My inspiration comes from different fields, rather far from boating: the fighter airplanes, sports cars and station wagons, the industrial and home-design are all things that fascinate me and that influence me more or less consciously.

Are there projects you’d like to work on that haven’t yet come your way?

I’d like my first concept of sailing boat to become a reality. I know the sailing world very well, because it’s the one where my passion comes from, but all my projects have always concentrated on motor boats or ribs.

Where do you think design is headed?

The yacht design world doesn’t follow the standards, so it’s really difficult to identify fashion and style, that dictate absolute standards: today, even if high bows and streamline lines are very trendy, the yachts in retro style have played a role too. I don’t think that there will be a unique way in yachting design, but rather than several courses, which will become entwined and contaminated.

What’s your dream project?

Being able to realize my sailing boat on my own. And, of course, using it to travel around the World.

What does your workshop or studio look like?

It reflects my personality and my projects. From every window of my office you can see the sea, the thing, which has inspired me most of all. Whilst inside everything is very clear, minimal and detailed, which helps my concentration a lot.

What do you envisage for the future of design?

The awareness about this world has increased greatly in recent decades. The design is recognized and appreciated more and more. I think that this is moving us towards custom orientated products, linked to the taste and needs of a client aware of his desires.