Studio Rivellini provides its technical expertise not only for the design phase, but also for consultancy activities such as the surveyor, the certifications, the technical consultations on the part and the appraisals.

  • Consultation
  • Surveys
  • Certification
  • Surveyor



Whenever a Judge, in order to come to a decision in a legal dispute, needs the judgment of an expert, an Office Technical Consultant (CTU) might be appointed. The parties involved can assist a Partisan Technical Consultant (CTP) to protect their interests. Studio Tecnico Rivellini gives full extrajudicial and not assistance to the Private and Nautical Operator, from the arbitration to the real legal activity.



Survey of the preservation status

With the consultation to describe the preservation status of a craft, we write a final report containing the results of the inspections, notes and conclusions regarding not only the technical parts of the craft itself, but also its accessory structures, the equipment and the electric system.

Presale consultations

It includes an attentive examination of the structural integrity of the craft, the projectile system, the electric one, the hydraulic one, as well as of the equipment and accessories, the aesthetic presentation and the preservation. The examination is applied to the craft both in and out of the sea. The final report also contains a commercial evaluation of the unit.

Hygrometrical measurement

The measurement of the humidity contained inside the planking. As for the fiberglass, if you humidity levels exceed established limits (which vary according to the instrument used), on a laminate with no bubbles, there might be a possible osmotic phenomenon. As for the wood, the same conditions might indicate a deterioration of the planking.

Thermal imaging

Therma imaging is a non-destructive control method, which uses the measurement of the infrared radiation produced by a unit, allowing locating any temperature changing on the examined surface. This method is applied using thermal imagers, which produce a temperature map of the examined surface using an electromagnetic detector. The consultation we offer not only covers the traditional application of the thermal imaging, such as the verification of the electrical system, of the mechanical devices, motors, hydric system and insulation. The consultation we provide allows pointing out any evidence of infiltrations, delamination, repairing and discontinuities not related to any particular imperfection. For what the wooden crafts concerns, it is possible to point out excessive humidity in planking, infiltrations and different types of repairing.


The use of a sound level meter allows the measurement in dB of the sound pressure level that surrounds it. Specifically, it allows establishing if the maximum sound pressure level of the airborne noise generated during the passage of a motorized sailing boat respects the limits set by the UNI EN ISO 14509. Phometry aims to verify that the actual level of sound pressure produced during navigation is within the limits set by the regulation; if not, it is possible to operate the necessary modifications to reduce the emission below the established limits.



CE Marking

The CE marking can be requested by both the Shipyard for prototypes and private customers and importers for foreign crafts, as well as for crafts that are already certified, but subject to modifications. The Studio Tecnico Rivellini takes care of all the required verifications, including stability tests, noise emission control, the drafting of the Owner’s Manual and of the technical documentation that will be presented and judged by the Technical Authority responsible for issuing the CE marking .

Post costruction

Making important and significant changes to your boat or simply cancel the boat registration must necessarily be managed through a post-construction procedure. This procedure is equivalent to a new certification, therefore complex and detailed.



Work Supervision

The experience acquired in the management of major shipyards has made the Studio highly specialized and prepared in directing the production of newly build boats, also contributing to any important operation of refitting. Many ship owners no longer entrust their crafts to the shipyards and their staff, but to highly specialized technical studies that manage the unit at 360 °. The choice of a yard of specialized companies, works to be done are taken in the interests of the owner. This way the quality and the supervision of the interventions are guaranteed and certified.